Mountain: Kilimanjaro
Route: Northern Circuit Route
Number of days: 9 Days
Number of nights: 8 Nights
Accommodation type: Campsites
Usage frequencies: Rare
Challenge type:      Moderate
Note:  The route majestically passes through all adventurous areas of Kilimanjaro offering trekkers with optimal features Kilimanjaro can offer.

Details per Day

Day 1:  Registration Formalities

  • Registration at Londorosi gate
  • Drive through varied farmland with open views over the plains to reach the Lemosho road.
  • The last passage segment is poor in quality and difficult to drive after rain,
  • We often have our lunch at the road before starting to walk.
  • Walking up a small path through beautiful and lush forest.
  • We camp at Lemosho Big Tree Camp (2,650 m); [2-3 hours walking]

Day 2:  at “Shira One Plateaus” (3,550 m). [6-7 hours walking]

  • Walk through the moorland zone of giant heather.
  • The path steadily advances with broad outlooks to reach the rim of the Shira Plateau.
  • We will start experiencing the tangible sense of wilderness, especially if afternoon mists come in!
  • We will have our campsite in the centre of the plateau at “Shira One” (3,550 m). [6-7 hours walking]

Day 3:  At Shira Hut (3,840 m) Close to Glaciated Dome of Kibo.

  • Trek to the peak of Shira Cathedral before reaching the next camp at Shira Hut (3,840 m).
  • This campsite has dramatic views, near the glaciated dome of Kibo and the rough rim of Shira Plateau.
  • The views of Mt. Meru floating on the clouds are simply unforgettable in this place

Day 4:  Follow The Trail Up To Lava Tower at Moir Hut (4,200m). [5-7 Hrs]

  • Optional trekking to the ruined hut at Arrow Glacier around 4,800m.
  • Continue trekking through the Lava Tower to the campsite at Moir Hut (4,200m). [5-7 hours walking]

Day 5: Moir Valley, Lent Hill, Rock Slabs at Buffalo Camp (4,150m. [4-7 Hrs]

  • Trek the Moir Valley and advance to the summit of Little Lent hill at 4,375 meters.
  • Head eastwards roughly to the northern circuit route. Here the trail passes through a field of rock slabs that clink as they are walked on.
  • The last segment is walking through the undulates until getting to the location of Buffalo Camp (4,150m).
  • At our camp there is a great sensation as the Kenyan plains extend out far below to the north.[4-7 hours walking]

Day 6:  Climb ‘Buffalo Ridge’, Small Spring to Third Cave Camp (3,900m). [5-7 Hrs]

  • Trek to the ‘Buffalo Ridge’ summit and retrace the other side to reach Pofu, nearby the is a small spring and some vegetation.
  • The path extend eastwards through a landscape that has increasingly sparse vegetation that extend to the Third Cave Camp (3,900m). [5-7 hours walking]

Day 7:  Trek the Saddle and a Lunar Landscape to School Hut Campsite (4,700m). [4-5 Hrs]

  • Constant trekking up to the Saddle, a lunar landscape amid the peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi.
  • Continue forward to the School Hut Campsite (4,700m)
  • The rest of the afternoon is for resting and practicing for the summit day.[4-5 hours walking]

Day 8:  Uhuru Peak (5,896 m) and retrace to Millenium Camp (3,800 m). [11-15 Hrs]

  • A torchlight trekking in the midnight to get up on the Crater rim by dawn.
  • Climbing over slack volcanic scree with some well-graded zig-zags and a slow but steady climb to Gilmans Point (5,685 m).
  • Resting at Gilman Point for a short time enjoying the sunrise over Mawenzi.
  • We will trek west alongside the crater rim to Uhuru Peak (5,896 m), walking next to the amazing  glaciers and ice cliffs that still occupy most of the peak.
  • We will go back over our steps along the crater rim to Stella Point and then proceed down via Barafu Camp to Millenium Camp (3,800 m). [11-15 hours walking]

Day 9:  Retrace Via Lavish Forest To Mweka Village Via Mweka Gate. (4-6 Hrs)

  • Descend calmly down via a beautiful forest with lush bushes to mweka gate (1,650 m) and thereafter to Mweka village (4-6 hours walking) crossing the coffee and banana farms.