Mountain: Kilimanjaro
Route: Marangu
Number of days: 6 Days
Number of nights: 5 Nights
Accommodation type: Sleeping Huts
Usage frequencies: Busiest route, used by 40% of all Kilimanjaro trekkers
Challenge type: Easy Route
Note: Also called coca-cola route because beverages like Coca-Cola are served on the way in the huts

Details by Day

Day 1: Registration at Marangu Gate

  • Do all necessary registration at Marangu Gate
  • Climb all the way through gorgeous and pure forest.
  • Pass close to the volcanic remains of Maundi Crater and make a wonderful afternoon expedition.
  • Rest and enjoy the beautiful forest
  • Camp at Mandara Hut [3-5 hours walking]

Day 2: Ascent through forest

  • Sharp climb through the forest then we enter into grassy moorland and in clear weather.
  • Kibo and Mawenzi peaks can now be visible in an excellent view.
  • We will then climb progressively via the moorland zone composed of massive heather and occasional stands of groundsel
  • Reach the hut complex at Horombo (3,720 m.) Sunrises and sunsets in this place are often very amazing, the site is close to the glaciated dome of Kibo, and there is a real sense of being above the clouds. [4-6 hours walking]

Day 3: Excursion Towards Mawenzi Peak

  • Excursion at the base of the rarely visited Mawenzi peak with excellent Kibo views
  • We will spend a second night at Horombo Hut to further improve our acclimatization. [4-5 hours walking]

Day 4: Climb, Saddle Between Mawenzi and Kibo

  • Trek to the lunar desert of the Saddle between Mawenzi and Kibo.
  • We will reach Kibo Hut (4,700 m.) at the bottom of the crater by midday
  • Resting in the afternoon and eating in preparation for the final climb before a very early night! [4-6 hours]

Day 5: Ascent Towards Gillman’s Point To Uhuru Peak

  • Trek using the torchlight at about 1.00a.m (midnight) so that we can be up at Gillman’s Point by sunrise.
  • Climb over loose volcanic scree, but there are some well-graded zigzags and a slow but steady pace will have us up to Gillman’s (5,685 m.) in about 5 or 6 hours.
  • Rest there and spend some time taking in the sunrise.
  • Those who feel physically fit can make the three hour round trip from here along the crater rim to Uhuru Peak (5,896m.), passing close to the spectacular glaciers that still occupy most of the summit area.
  • The descent is amazingly fast and we go back to Horombo Hut for the night. [11-15 hours walking]

Day 6: Retrace through moorland, Mandara then to the gates

  • Go down with a pleasing moorland walk to Mandara and after that a lovely green forest walk to the gate.
  • The lushness of the forest is quite a spectacular difference to the summit day and it makes you grip how diverse the scenery on Kilimanjaro actually is. [5-6 hours walking]