With this  program  you will be walking around Longido mountain plains, 80 km north  of Arusha, The walking featuring  the traditions of  Masai  people amd culture. The  area is home to rare birds and animals.


  • A nature walk to spot birds
  • A climb to the impressive Longido mountain through a dense natural forest
  • Walking through the Maasai plains and over the slopes of Longido mountain
  • A visit to a traditional Maasai bomas
  • A tour of historical sites dating back to British colonial times
  • A visit to Maasai women cultural group for shopping traditionally made ornaments and clothes
  • The Guides are from local Masai tribe and will guide you well in English and where necessary sign language will be used. They have good experience in guiding tourists in the area and deep cultural insights.
  • Various excursions and tours can be booked through Tanzania Tourist Board-Tourist Information Office in Arusha or throughyour tour operator/travel agent/lodge and Hotel Operator or direct from our website http://

Program Details per Day
Day 1:  Both Bird  and  Masai  Boma Adventure Tour

Longido area is loaded with birdlife and some  of  the  birds  found are:  red and yellow Barbet,  Masked Weaver,  Silver Bill  and  Secretary  Bird.

A  bird walk  all the way through  the Masai  plains  first  from  the town  of  Longido  then to  the selected bomas  of  Masai allows  you  to observe not only birds  and trees  and  plants  used  by  the  locals Maasai  to  make  food  and  medicines but also you can observer the Masai  lifestyle and if you are lucky some traditional events.

Day 2:  Kimokouwa  Village Hiking  and  Vivid Cattle Market Tour

We will have a walk from  selected Masai boma  to Kimokouwa village along  a cattle  track . We will be gradually  rising to  an  altitude  of  1,600m  to  get  getting the marvelous  views  of  Mt. Kilimanjaro  and Mt. Meru. We will go down  to  walk around Kimokouwa’s  lush  “valley  of  wells” and  nearby  historic  British  grave. The next day, you can extend your stay by visiting the bustling and vivid cattle market.

Day 3: Longido Mountain Trekking

Early  in the next  morning , we will pursue  the constricted  foot-trails  all the way through  the dense  natural  forest  for  3-4 hrs to  the  gorgeous  ‘dawa  ya  supu’ or  medicine  soup  viewpoint. Another 2hrs  trekking will take you  to  the  summit  of  Longido  mountain  to  benefit from  incredible  views  of  the other mountains  of northern  Tanzania (some of them are Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru and Mt. Kitumbeine).  The descent back to the campsite takes about three hours.

Concluding the program with a farewell event with the Maasai women cultural group.