Bushwarriors and Traveler Safaris is one of the leading small safari travel operators based in Arusha, Tanzania – East Africa. We offer small group, tailor-made, privately guided camping and lodge Safaris. We have substantial knowledge and experience in the field as lead guides and guest hosts.

At Bushwarriors and Traveler Safaris we pride ourselves in being one of the local owned Safari Company in the country. Founded in 2015 by the couple from the native of Maasai community, we have grown at a steady pace and achieved a reputation for reliability, safety, high levels of service and excellent value for money.

We are specialize in small-groups scheduled and tailor-made private guided safaris as well as that we operate adventures such as camping safaris, Mountain Climbing, Walking Safaris, lodge safaris, Beach Holiday, hiking, Cultural Tour and are able to offer our guests a great instant support while on safari in various destinations in Tanzania as well East Africa.

Our philosophy is to provide the highest comfortable best experience, more personalize and interactive, holidays. Bushwarriors & Traveler Safaris has positioned itself to be able to provide their guests with the product they require, whether it’s a budget or an upmarket holiday, catering for those who are looking for a value for money experience.

Come and join us for your private safari experience of a lifetime!

Bushwarrior Family

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