All of Kilimanjaro’s climbing routes originate on the Tanzanian side of the mountain and the include the following eight (8) routes.

  1. Machame Route – Most popular (climbed by  45% of all climbers)
  2. Marangu route – easiest and second popular route (climbed by  40% of all climbers)
  3. Lemosho route
  4. Rongai route
  5. Northern Circuit route
  6. Shira route
  7. Umbwe route
  8. Mweka route – Only for descending

The Western routes are thought to be the most scenic and most of our climbs ascend via the Lemosho (8 days) and Machame (7 days) trails.

The Lemosho, Rongai and Umbwe Routes are the least crowded while Machame (Whiskey Route) and Marangu (Coca-cola Route) are the most popular.

Lemosho, Machame and Umbwe descend via the Mweka Trail while Rongai and Marangu descend via the Marangu Trail. Longer climbs have the highest success rates and we recommend taking a minimum of 6 days to climb Kilimanjaro.

For those who want to spend a few days around the Kilimanjaro area prior to hiking the mountain, we recommend staying at Mt Kilimanjaro View Lodge or Ndarakwai Ranch. Both areas offer cultural tours, walking and day hikes. Game drives are possible from Ndarakwai Ranch.